Amos Vortigern's Machine Witch Doctor

by Amos and James Jarvis

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One of the leaders of the vinyl revolution has been James Jarvis. His latest colab with Amos produced the large-scale and colorful Vortigern's Machine series! The Witch Doctor is 12-inches tall and new-in-box. Here's a bit about the Witch Doctor... Full name: unpronounceable in any recorded language The Witchdoctor is the spiritual leader and de-facto chief of the ancient Moholy Nagy. Not known for his people skills and often prone to irrational outbursts of anti-social behaviour. A formidable figure especially when accompanied by his ceremonial pet, a dreaded Beaked Python capable of spitting venom for distances of up to 14cm. Lives in a cave with said snake as his only company. Despite his apparent handicaps as a leader of men, he is still well liked and respected amongst his people, and feared by his enemies. Has a remarkably limited vocabulary. Likes: Ritual sacrifice, dogs, shouting 'Yar!' Dislikes: Clothes, onions, chatty children.