Amos Vortigern's Machine Harvey

by Amos and James Jarvis

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One of the leaders of the vinyl revolution has been James Jarvis. His latest colab with Amos produced the large-scale and colorful Vortigern's Machine series! Harvey is 12-inches tall and new-in-box. Here's a bit about Harvey... Full name: Harvey Boswell Age 17 Cousins, Harvey and Jubs, have a local reputation as bad boys in North Dullwich. They are leading lights in the Jolly Mans Cartel. Neither are in full time employment and they like nothing better than lounging on street corners harassing young people smaller than themselves. They are the arch nemeses of Rusty and Wiggs and are particularly fond of haranguing the later for his pathetic attempts at emulating bad boy culture. Despite this, Wiggs is completely in awe of their public personae and aspires to be more like them. In public, Harvey and Jubs converse using an intimidating and impenetrable street dialect. However, in private they talk quite normally on a variety of diverse topics. It is not commonly known that both are actually well educated and have considerable trust funds in their names which allow them to live “the street life” in some comfort. Likes: Libraries, Shiny Man, nautical films. Dislikes: Policemen, Wash Up Crew, breeders